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Joe Brunner, Sr., founded the company in 1947.  Before that, his father, Joe Brunner,  hauled trash with a horse and buggy.  He had saved up enough money to buy his first gasoline powered garbage truck in 1933.  Sadly, Joe’s father had an accident while driving his first truck.  He died leaving behind a widow, Theresa Marie Weiss Brunner, and seven children ranging in ages from 2 to 14.1947_Joe_Sr_Tractor2-538x359


Because times were so tough, Theresa had the choice between not eating or finding work.  She took over where her husband left off and took over his business.  For many years she hauled the residential trash in West View, Pennsylvania.  She needed as much help as she could have, and all of her kids helped her to haul or bury the trash as well as with the bookkeeping.


As a child, Joe would wake up early to help with the garbage route, go to school, and go to an after-school job or again help with the business.  Despite these setbacks, he was able to maintain an A average in school.  His dreams did not include the garbage industry, but in 1947 he took over his mother’s business.


In 1956 Joe married Pat Steigerwald, and they moved to our current location in 1957.  In the late 1980’s we installed our current landfill. While our address says Zelienople, we are actually located in New Sewickley Township, Beaver County.  We are about one mile across the Butler County line and Cranberry Township.


We employ about 50 people who do a great job in providing garbage and recycling services to our customers.


Over the years we have built our garbage business to include roughly 3,000 commercial customers and 10,000 residential customers.